As Emergency Medicine Providers, we have over 30 combined years of emergency medicine experience. We have treated thousands of patients with IV hydration fluids, and witnessed the healing effects that fluids, vitamins and medications can have in recovering. We have years of research in the IV “cocktails” or drips that we offer.

Additionally, we have over 10 years of endurance sports experience in road races, cycling, CrossFit, and 6 Ironman finishes. This provides personal understanding of how IV hydration can affect your training and recovery.

Jonathan A. Leake, M.D.

Jonathan A. Leake, M.D.

As a board certified Emergency Physician, Jonathan, has been treating dehydration and illness with IV fluids and medications for 10 years. His understanding of the havoc that overindulgence, viral illness, overexertion, travel, and sports training have on the body, allowed development of specified treatments for each. Being an avid traveler and a crossfit regular brings personal experience in line with his medical knowledge. Jonathan is an Atlanta native.

He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Georgia State University with a B.S. in Psychology then attended Emory University Medical School where he earned his M.D. Jonathan completed Emergency Medicine residency at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, N.C.

Keith Parris, ACNP-BC

Keith Parris, ACNP-BC

Keith graduated from Clemson University in 1992 with a degree in Biological Sciences, Gardner-Webb University in 1995 with an Associates degree in Nursing, Western Carolina in 1997 with a Bachelors degree in Nursing, and The University of South Carolina in 2001 with a Masters degree in Nursing. He has been a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner since 2002.

Keith has 20 years of experience in the ER with the last 13 as a Nurse Practitioner. He has personally treated thousands of patients with hydration therapy. He also has a passion for endurance sports and has completed 6 Ironman triathlons. Keith understands the stress and fatigue that goes along with training at high levels.

Victoria Garrett, M.D.

Victoria Garrett, M.D.

Victoria is our South Florida partner and is no stranger to professional level athletes, extreme fitness, and medical hydration. Victoria graduated Magna Cum Laude, from Howard University, and earned her medical degree from the Medical University of South Carolina. She is an Emory University Emergency Medicine alumna and is board certified in both Emergency Medicine and Sports Medicine.

She has treated athletes of all ages and skill levels including the NFL and NHL. Being in academic medicine, she has trained countless physician and nursing students and residents. Victoria is a classically-trained dancer and choreographer. She is also an active CrossFitter and serves as a physician at the CrossFit Games.

Frequently Asked Questions

IV hydration is a new concept for many people. It’s the way of the future when it comes to revitalizing, reenergizing, and recovering. IV hydration therapy provides quick and effective results and is completely safe. However, if you have questions, let us know! We are more than happy to answer any questions you have. Check out some FAQs below!

  • Can I choose more than one IV hydration treatment?

    We do have a la carte options so you can customize your IV hydration therapy. Our highly trained staff will provide guidance on any customizations you want to make.

  • How long does IV hydration therapy take?

    Our IV hydration therapy takes approximately 45 minutes. It’s a quick and effective way to revitalize, reenergize, and recover.

  • Who administers my IV hydration therapy?

    Our staff is comprised of highly trained and experienced RNs who will administer your IV hydration therapy.

  • What kind of treatments are offered?

    Our variety of IV hydration therapies treat hangovers, athletic recovery, health/wellness, jet lag, and beauty.

  • How do I schedule an appointment?

    After you browse our packages and decide which one you want, select the Schedule Now button and follow the easy steps!

  • What is the phone number for Miami?

    The Miami number is 305-912-4937.

  • How much does it cost?

    View our pricing here!